Good safe is undoubtedly the safest storage option. Modern equipment and technologies, high-quality materials and components allow us to produce the reliable and convenient high-class safes for you

For banks

For offices

Whatever field you work in, the Griffon safes will provide you with quality, safety and convenience

For storing guns

For the service sector


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over 100 banks cooperate with us


we supply products to 45 countries of the world


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our products

Burglar resistant safes

Our safes are certified in Ukraine and Europe. High quality is confirmed by the European experts. Products have 8 ECB-S certificates and 24 DSTU certificates

Fire and Burglar resistant safes

Due to a protective layer of refractory materials developed by our specialists the structure is able to withstand direct exposure to fire for 30-60 minutes (depending on the fire resistance grade)

Gun safes

We offer a wide range of quality gun safes. You can choose a model for any needs, desired parameters and for various types of weapons

Built-in safes

High security compact safes. There is a large range of models for various needs (storage of valuables, cash, documents, guns), as well as for different locations

Office safes

Various models of safes make it possible to install them in office furniture, build into a wall or floor, and securely fasten with anchor bolts. The models with locks providing different levels of access are available as well

Hotel safes

These safes have compact dimensions, they are built into furniture or attached to the floor or wall. For emergencies, their design provides for emergency door opening with the administrator's key

Bank safes

The product range includes various models of bank safes and strongroom doors. We also offer services for the manufacture of the tailored equipment. More than 100 banks throughout Ukraine cooperate with us

Custom design safes

Our custom design safes are unique for each client. Degree of resistance, design, lock type, form, colour and finishing are selected individually. We will perform any, even the most non-standard and difficult order

Deposit safes

The deposit safes make it possible to separate the fund depositing and collection operations. The structure is securely fastened with anchor bolts and has a hole for inserting banknotes or papers

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We produce safes since 1992

We have been working in the market of safes and banking equipment since 1992, offering consistently high-quality products

In-house design bureau

Own design bureau allows us to develop new solutions for you and implement complex individual projects

We have the patented developments and technologies

We have the patented developments and technologies, therefore we can offer you the innovative exclusive models

Warranty and post-warranty service

Working with us, you receive a full range of services for the warranty and post-warranty maintenance

Office and warehouse in Warsaw (Poland)

For the convenience of our clients and fast delivery around Europe

ECB-S certificates

The first and the only certified Ukrainian safes in Europe, which is confirmed by ECB-S certificates

ESSA membership

The Company is a member of the European Security Systems Association (ESSA)

ISO 9001 standards

Product quality is confirmed by international ISO 9001 certificate